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James Robb had a dream.


After 25 years in the booze biz and after launching brands for dozens of other companies it was time that he set out on his own.


When you think about Tequila, Venice California doesn't come to mind, but that is exactly where James dreamed up the idea for Calavera Tequila. 


Once the iconic bottles were created and the exquisite taste profiles were decided upon, Calavera launched to an immediate success winning numerous taste awards. 


The bottles have become collectors items with patrons emptying them just so they can take the empty bottles home to display and use in amazing artistic ways. 


For James Just having a brand wasnt enough. He also dreamed about helping other struggling brand inventors chase their dreams as well. 


On the verge of lauching Calavera James and his friend of 25 years Darryl Silver were chilling in a pool in the valley when the idea of launching a distribution  company together came up. It may have been the tequila talking but by the end of the night a plan was hatched and  Pure Sprits was born. 







Pure Spirits LLC is a Los Angeles boutique liquor distribution company that specializes in brands with a story.


It started with our flagship Calavaera Blanco, Reposado and Anjeo Tequila.  Our small batch Tequila has gained a cult like reputation around the country with demand soaring as the brand grows past Califorina and outside of the United States.  


We pride ourselves in finding other great new brands that have amazing stories to tell.  As distributors we want to give  new dreamers the chance to see their products succeed like we have watched ours.


With each brand that comes our way we have the unique power to leverage our exsiting brands popularity to launch others.  


Its with this that we invite you to bring to us your dreams so that maybe we can turn them into reality. 


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